Fawn Trapped By Boulder Gets Rescued.

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Firefighters do a lot more than fight fires. While we might see them in TV shows or cartoons recusing a cat from a tree or sitting around the station waiting for a call, that doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface of what they really do. They need all the skills of a plumber, electrician and janitor to keep the station in tip-top shape. Their equipment requires the knowledge of a mechanic, and they are often called to do drills and inspections in their community. All firehouses are safe havens, so there’s no telling when an abused person or abandoned child may need help. If that sounds like a lot of responsibility, remember that it’s still only some of what they do – and now we can add rescuing baby fawns to the list.

When the family in this video found a fawn trapped under a pile of boulders and an anxious mama deer nearby, they were afraid that shifting the rocks may crush the baby deer. Who to call? The fire department of course! As you’ll see, it doesn’t take long for these multi-talented individuals to save the day.