Few Things Are More Adorable Than Watching A Corgi Tackle Stairs

May 8, 2015 By Archit Tripathi
The Welsh corgi is a small herding dog originating in Wales and has two distinct sub-breeds: the Pembroke Welsh corgi and the Cardigan Welsh corgi (though the Pembroke is more common). These dogs differ from other herding dogs like collies, for instance, because instead of gathering cattle by running around them, they direct the herd by nipping at the backs of their ankles to drive them forward. Due to this, they have a very low stature, so as to avoid being kicked while they nip at the heels of livestock.

Corgis were made popular in recent history by Queen Elizabeth II, who keeps a minimum of four with her at all times, and has several royal portraits of herself that include corgis in them. They are known to be active, energetic dogs that are easily trained. In this video, we see an adorable side effect of their low height and small legs. Corgis are known to have a little trouble with stairs, but this one seems to have figured out a strategy that's working.
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