Follow R2-D2 On His Adorable Search For Love In This Fan-Made Short Film

Apr 6, 2015
R2-D2, also called "Artoo," is one of two robots prominently featured in George Lucas' "Star Wars" franchise. He has appeared in every episode of the mega-hit series and is a major character who is beloved by millions of fans. Even George Lucas himself said he's his favorite. While the adoration of fans is a wonderful thing, what happens when Artoo feels the need to fall in love with a nice girl?

That's precisely the subject of Evan Atherton's short film "Artoo In Love." Atherton enlisted the help of the R2 Builders' Club, hardcore fans dedicated to creating screen-accurate replicas of Artoo, and some help from one of the effects artists working on the upcoming "Episode VII." "Star Wars Episode VII" comes out December 18, 2015.
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