Football Players Help Victims Of Bullying.

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Bullying is one of the few things in this world without any upside. It makes both parties involved (the bully and the victim) worse than they were before, and can lead to intense injury or death in its most extreme cases. Still, in 2015, one out of every three students in the United States reported that they had been bullied. There's no reason that this should keep happening, and even though we may never eliminate it completely, that doesn't mean we shouldn't be fighting it every single day.

Chris Kuykendall and Brevin Young, two 16-year-old football players, are taking a bold initiative to help victims of bullying in their community. Their program, "Eagle Buddies," gives them the opportunity to eat lunch with kids struggling with bullies. Not only does this provide help to those who are hurting, but it shows bullies that the coolest people in high school aren't bullies, but are instead genuinely kind people who care about those around them.