Former Olympian Uses A Javelin To Pull Out His Daughter's Loose Tooth

May 11, 2015 By Archit Tripathi
Bryan Clay is an American Olympic decathlon champion (silver, 2004; gold, 2008) who has since retired to spend more time with his kids and mentor young athletes at his alma mater, Azusa Pacific University. The 35-year-old recently polished off his javelin-throwing arm when he posted this video of himself using his Olympian skills to extract his daughter Ellie's loose tooth.

Apparently, finding inventive ways to pull out loose baby teeth is a Clay family tradition, and they've used bikes and even planes in the past (there's your next video, Mr. Clay). Using the javelin was actually Ellie's idea, and Bryan made sure that the tooth was truly on its last legs before agreeing to it. The best part of the tradition, of course, is the family ice cream party that happens afterward.
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