Fraternity Sends Message To Little Girl Battling Cancer

Dec 6, 2015 By Michael W. Pirrone

Let’s face it, college fraternities haven’t exactly been getting the greatest of press these days, with many questioning whether this longstanding college experience should actually continue. It doesn’t help that most of us get our understanding of fraternities from films like Animal House or Old School. But even the rowdiest of Greek organizations is far more than just a bunch of hooligans.

Not that the boys at Sigma Alpha Epsilon are rowdy. When 12-year-old Lexi Brown stuck a message to her hospital window asking for pizza (just because you’re fighting cancer doesn’t mean you don’t want the occasional pizza!), the fraternity responded with not only pizza, but roses, guitar serenades, and everything a young girl battling a terrible disease could want on her road to recovery. Then, because they knew her window looked out on their fraternity house, they decided to make their Christmas decorations an extra special message. Even though they’re not always at her bedside, they’re still supporting her.

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