From Bullied Teen To Prom King

Jan 2, 2015
Josh Yandt is a student from London and is featured in WestJet's Above and Beyond series on YouTube. He recently moved from Walkerton after he faced bullying in his former school. He was determined to get a new start in London and to no longer be "invisible" to other kids. Josh believes that "being nice should be the norm" and so that's exactly what he sought out to do. Josh decided that he would get to know others through simple gestures, like opening the door for fellow students before school and offering some kind words.

At first, other students were confused and shocked, but Josh continued meeting them each morning at the door with a smile and a greeting. Soon, students took notice and began to appreciate Josh and his efforts began to affect the student community as a whole. Others started performing random acts of kindness and it spread. No longer invisible, Josh was now proud to stand out.
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