Furry Friend Redefines The Term "Dog Whisperer"

May 18, 2015 By Archit Tripathi
Dogs are known for the fact that they bark - loudly and often, much to the chagrin of your neighbors. We've known that with a little love and discipline, dogs can be taught to bark or be quiet on command, but I personally had no idea they could use an inside voice until I saw this video by YouTuber "Holly Stephens" showing her dog, Brody, whispering.

Training a dog to speak or be quiet on command is fairly simple: start saying "speak/talk/bark" to your dog until they bark, then reward them with a treat and say "Good speak!" Do this often enough and the dog will make the connection through good ol' Pavlovian conditioning. Being quiet is the same thing but in reverse. Whispering is essentially the same thing as well, but you'd start with rewarding a bark at any volume and gradually conditioning until the volume is where you want it.
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