Generous Man Buys Dinner For 400 U.S. Soldiers

Nov 25, 2015 By Hannah Austin

We celebrated Veterans Day on November 11, but do you ever wish you could do more to thank the troops for serving our country? The dangers they face, the long months spent away from friends and family, the physical and mental strength that their job demands … it’s a debt we’ll never be able to repay. However, when Shlomo Rechnitz, a businessman from Los Angeles, ran into 400 soldiers at an airport in Shannon, Ireland, he wanted to do something to show his gratitude. Why not buy them dinner?

Rechnitz gave each soldier $50 to spend in the airport restaurant of their choosing, a generous gift with a total bill of $20,000. Judging by the soldiers’ enthusiasm, it was a gesture they will never forget. 

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