Get A Whole New Appreciation For The Humble Motor, From The Inside Out

Jul 25, 2015 By Michael W. Pirrone
It's hard to believe that cars were really something of a hobby when they began. Like all world-changing inventions, some clever man in a garage combined a few basic technologies into something that would alter the course of humanity. With approximately 64 million miles of roads in the world, and cars so smart they're about to start driving themselves, most of us barely even think about the roaring monster beneath the hood. We feed it gas and occasionally treat it to a refreshing oil change. It's just a chunk of metal that makes cars go.

But engines are so much more than that. This film was meant to show the effectiveness of 3M's grinding tools, but the real show is watching this engine dissolve and rebuild itself before your very eyes. They're so much more beautiful and complex than we give them credit for. So watch this and remember, don't take these amazing creations for granted.
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