Girl Who Grew Up Without Electricity Auditions For "American Idol".

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Let’s face it. When mainstream America hears about someone who lives without electricity, it seems pretty bizarre to us. Whether it’s the Amish or simply someone whose career takes them into the furthest depths of undeveloped American wildlands, it’s hard for those of us living in suburbs and cities to really fathom. At best we simply wonder how “someone could live like that.” At worst, we might even poke fun at them. Jeneve Mitchell might just turn your notions of off-grid living on their head, however.

The teenager certainly seems the part of someone you wouldn’t expect to see walking down the streets of Los Angeles. From the classic cowgirl clothing to the earnest way in which she speaks, you’re not entirely surprised when she explains she lives in a place with no electricity, or that she has to crank up a generator to catch her favorite television show, American Idol.

But when she steps on the stage as a contestant on that very same show, you suddenly get what not having all the buzzing, flashing distractions of the modern world has given her: time to practice. She’s not just a good singer, she’s a great singer. More than that, she’s an accomplished multi-instrumentalist. And we do mean “multi-”. Already she can play the fiddle, mandolin, guitar, bass, harp, cello, flute, piano, ukulele, trumpet, and even kazoo.

Since her star turn on the famed show, Jeneve has had to spend a little more of her time online, keeping up on Twitter with her burgeoning fanbase. We hope that doesn’t distract her from her practicing!