Google's New Gesture-Recognition Technology Is Set To Change The Game

Jun 5, 2015 By Archit Tripathi
At a recent tech conference, Google’s Advanced Technology and Project group (ATAP) unveiled what many are now hailing as the next generation of gesture-based technology. We are all pretty used to using touch screens, but as devices become smaller and smaller (particularly wearables like watches) that kind of interaction gets tough. Up until now, gesture-recognition has been pretty clunky, but Google's Project Soli promises to change all that.

By using a nonstop output of radar signals, "micromotions" of the hands and fingers can be captured extremely accurately, even through small barriers. This technology is also very tiny and can easily be embedded into a range of devices. We've already seen the advances in holographic tech, and now, with this improvement in gesture-recognition, I would venture to say the days of using a computer like Tom Cruise in "Minority Report" aren't too far into the future.
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