Groundbreaking Speech-Recognition Software Runs Circles Around Its Competitors

Jun 7, 2015 By Archit Tripathi
SoundHound is an American speech-recognition company. Their first app, SoundHound, was a music recognition software (similar to Shazam) that received rave reviews. Now, the company is following that up with Hound, their new digital assistant software that utilizes simultaneous speech and language recognition to provide a much faster and more intuitive voice-command system than competitors like Apple's Siri or Microsoft's Cortana can currently offer.

Currently, a standard voice search relies on having to speak in keywords. It usually can only offer one item of information at a time, because too many simultaneous queries or overlapping filters (such as "restaurants in my area that aren't Chinese or Mexican") confuse the software (it'll probably end up searching only Chinese and Mexican places, since it won't recognize the context). Hound is able to understand context and answer back without skipping a beat. Currently, Hound is in beta testing and also making itself available to integration with third-party apps. After seeing this demo, though, I'm betting that it's not long until it's acquired by Google or Apple for a few billion and becomes integrated into their OS.
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