Guy Sets A World Record With The Most Insane Slackline Walk I've Ever Seen

Aug 11, 2015 By Archit Tripathi
Slacklining is a sport similar to tightrope walking, involving walking on a line (usually made of some kind of webbing material) that is tensioned between two anchor points. A major difference, however, is that slacklines are usually left somewhat loosened so that there is a slight bounce to them akin to a trampoline while traditional tightropes are held under very tight, stiff tension. Additionally, tightropes are more of a rope form (as the name suggests) while a slackline is flat and ribbon-like.

Earlier this month, Spencer Seabrooke set the new world record for longest free solo slackline walk in a spot known as "the Itus" in the mountains of Squamish, British Columbia. His 64-meter (about 210 feet) walk smashed the previous record by 7 meters (23 feet), and he did it with a 290 meter (951 feet) drop below him. There were definitely some hair raising moments where he slipped and fell, literally grabbing hold of the line to save his life, but victory belongs to the bold and Seabrooke certainly earned it.
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