Here Are The World's Most Influential People According To TIME Magazine

Apr 19, 2015
TIME Magazine released its annual list of the 100 most influential people in the world. The group is divided into five different categories, including the following: Titans, Pioneers, Artists, Leaders and Icons.

Some of the noted names on the list included President Barack Obama, Jeb Bush, and Hillary Clinton, along with celebrities like Bradley Cooper, Emma Watson, and Kanye West. When determining who should and should not make the list, TIME editor, Nancy Gibbs, said the magazine is in search of people who can "speak to their subject's influence in all its dimensions."

Always the intent of the list is to introduce readers to new faces as well as to honor familiar ones, there are several on the list that many readers may not recognize. Five different magazine covers are on display featuring West, Cooper, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, dancer Misty Copeland and news anchor Jorge Ramos.
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