Here Is How A 57-Story Building Took Only 19 Days To Build.

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The world's tallest prefabricated building now sits at 57 stories in Changsha, China. The construction of this building, which includes office space for 4,000 people and 800 family apartments, took workers from Broad Sustainable Buildings (BSB) just 19 days to complete.

Although the building was originally planned to be 97 stories, these plans were halted because it is located near the airport. The tower is built around several centralized atria, each three stories in height, connected by ramps with the intent of shifting residents to a more collegial idea of living.

The building is energy efficient using quadruple-paned glass that helps stop emissions of carbon dioxide. It also features 8 inches of insulation, power, heat and cooling systems that are all integrated. The air goes through a three-stage purification process that includes seven air changes each hour.