Here's A 2-Year-Old's Heavy Metal Version Of The ABCs

Feb 8, 2015
How does a 2-year-old girl's daddy get her to like the same hard, heavy metal music that he loves? Well, by letting her put her ABC's to that music, of course. YouTube user, cb6652, uploaded this video of his little lady in her pink, fuzzy towel, angrily spouting her ABC's after bath time as her dad head-bangs and giggles right along with her.

The highlight is when the music comes to an abrupt halt and the little miss was not quite done with her song. She looks blankly at her dad and says, "Wait, that's not it," as dad jumps in to save the day by re-starting her music. From sweet, confused cherub, then back to angry, pint-sized metal master in a matter of milliseconds, and she is right where she wants to be.
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