Here's A Dog Riding A Bicycle All By Himself

Feb 11, 2015
Norman the dog is a budding star. After all, he can ride a skateboard, a scooter and now, a bicycle. In fact, Norman currently holds the Guinness World Record for the fastest 30 meters on a scooter, in the dog category. After breaking a world record, Norman had to step it up and learn to ride a bicycle.

As good as Norman's balance might be, he still had some trouble building up his back leg muscles for this new trick. But with the help of his owner, Karen Cobb, Norman was riding his bike down North Carolina streets in no time. Aside from being physically gifted, the 2-year-old Briard also has great manners. He wipes his feet when he comes inside, shuts doors and even wipes his beard after he drinks.
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