Here's A U.S. Town That's Getting Along Just Fine With A Ban On Cellphone Signals

Apr 8, 2015
The area around Green Bank, West Virginia doesn't seem to be out of the ordinary. If anything, the high-tech antenna equipment visible in the distance might make you think this would be a great place to grab your cellphone and take advantage of a signal boost...but how wrong you'd be.

You see, that high-tech antenna is a radio telescope, and in order to get clear signals of radio waves coming from as far away as the depths of outer space, all other radio signals in the area are heavily restricted. That means no cellphones, no WiFi and severely limited choices for radio stations. The 13,000-square-mile, federally-enforced National Quiet Zone is strictest in a 10-mile radius of the telescope and loosens up toward the outer edges.
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