Here's How A 7-Year-Old Would Do In A Job Interview

Aug 21, 2015 By John-Michael Bond
As you age sometimes you find yourself thinking “I wish I were young again.” Maybe you miss the sense of innocence and whimsey that you had when you were a kid or just the joys of simpler times. Being a kid is great, but children are dreadfully unprepared for the real world as this excellent clip from Comedy Central’s "Nathan For You" showcases.

Comedian Nathan Fielder sets up an on-camera job interview at a law firm under the guise of filming a segment for his new show. What the lawyer he’s interviewing with doesn’t know is all of Nathan’s answers are coming from a seven-year-old boy named Amir, who has been stationed in a van outside the office. How well does Amir do during Nathan’s job interview? Watch this adorable video to find out and realize it’s probably for the best we aren’t kids anymore.
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