Here's How To Use Leftover "Peeps" To Measure The Speed Of Light.

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Now that Easter is over, a lot of you probably have a surplus of Easter candy. If you're anything like us, the chocolate's no problem, but what is one to do with all those marshmallow "Peeps"? That's precisely the question that NPR's new science show, "Skunk Bear," decided to ask...and answer.

Using a tray full of Peeps, a microwave, some basic physics and math, they've found a way to calculate the speed of light to a pretty surprising degree of accuracy (by our calculations, they were only about 1 percent off from the actual value).

The next thing you're probably wondering is "What's a skunk bear?" It's one of several nicknames for a wolverine, because like a wolverine, science can pack a lot of punch in a seemingly small idea.