Here's The Funniest 2 Minutes Of The Dr. Phil Show

Feb 12, 2015
After gaining popularity on "The Oprah Winfrey Show" in the early '90s, Phil McGraw debuted his self-titled talk show in 2002. Recognized for his often controversial topics, Dr. Phil is now one of the most well-known celebrity psychologists in the United States.

YouTube user Bill Smith is from Brisbane, QLD, Australia. He recently took a recording of one of Dr. Phil's episodes and decided to remove the dialogue. This particular episode featured a mother, father, daughter and the daughter's boyfriend, whom the parents did not like. As much as one would think this would decrease the tension normally felt when watching a show, the results are almost just as tense. The viewer is left with only reactions like facial expressions and body language, all of which were negative, in this case.
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