Here's Why Your Water Tastes Weird When You Leave It Out Overnight

Jul 21, 2015 By Madeleine Brown
If you've ever been surprised to find that the glass of water you kept on your nightstand while sleeping suddenly tastes strange on that first morning sip, this video is for you. As you'll learn, water isn't as imperishable as you might expect. Julian Huguet of DNews explains the interesting reason for this overnight taste change, and why water (depending on how it is stored) doesn't stay "good" forever.

DNews is a product of the Discovery Network, but this particular series of informational snippets is part of the TestTube network, also in Discovery's realm. TestTube is a network for the newer generations, focusing on interesting and relevant scientific questions and issues that help younger people (and those who are young at heart) explore an interest in the sciences.
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