Hermit Crab Maneuvers His Way Into A New Home

Jan 26, 2015
If there is anything to know about hermit crabs, know that they live in shells and that they change them, especially as they grow bigger. In fact, they are called hermit crabs because they live in their shell "alone" and will scare off other crabs that try to steal their shell. It is not always easy to catch the hermit crab while he is making his exchange of shells, but this clip captured the moment.

YouTube user Stevierar uploaded this video on January 13 and already has over 500K views. YouTube is only one of the places you can go to experience what Steve Guntrip has to share. He is also an author of a novella currently sold on Amazon and a blogger on his own website. Steve lives in the UK and seems to have quite a massive underwater world in his home.
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