Hiker Rescues 50-Pound Pit Bull By Carrying Him All The Way Down A Mountain.

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Stray dogs are just out there trying to survive like anyone else. Unfortunately, due to both the reality of life and also preconceptions that lead people to fear stray dogs (sometimes rightly so!) it can be way more dangerous out there for a stray than you might imagine. Some breeds that are viewed as “dangerous” often don’t even make it to the pound if they are caught.

Pit bulls are one such type. Not a breed of dog, pit bulls are actually a variety of breeds that fall under the bulldog/terrier hybrid group. Widely believed to be violent, aggressive variety of dog, pit bulls are accorded different treatment by many animal control entities. Some pounds have an automatic policy of euthanizing un-fixed pit bulls that are brought in. There are even some no-kill shelters that simply won’t take them, but thankfully those are not as common.

There are pit bull-friendly organizations and even groups specifically dedicated to helping this much-maligned pooch. There are so many myths about pit bulls it can be hard to separate fact from fiction, but overall these sturdy animals are really no different than any other dog. If you happen to spot a stray pit who looks like he needs help, try and contact a group in your area who will respond with the care and concern all animals deserve.

Many stray pit bulls are just a happy home away from a life full of love and friendship. It’s definitely not in everybody to care for one, but there are so many people out there ready to take them in.