Hilarious Prankster Leaves People Hanging In The Middle Of A Song

Jun 8, 2015 By Archit Tripathi
"Karl Johan" is a Norwegian comedy/variety show hosted by comedians Hasse Hope and Erik Solbakken. The show is a mix of the standard talk show fare mixed in with various bits of comedy and harmless pranks done in proximity of the famous Karl Johan's Gate in Oslo, Norway (I'm guessing the show derives its name from this).

In this segment, they get strangers on the street to start singing along with them before quickly running away, leaving the participant ending up looking a bit weird singing and dancing in public like that. The prank is harmless, of course, and everyone has a good laugh when they realize what's happened. This duo also did a similar prank where they had blindfolded strangers thinking they were doing the limbo (but, of course, they ran away with the bar).
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