His First Shave In 14 Years Is A Pleasant Surprise To His Whole Family

Jul 29, 2015 By Archit Tripathi
If you're a relatively small, domestic men's shaving razor company competing against the big guys like Gillette, trying to use traditional marketing approaches won't get you anywhere. You have to look for unique ways to stand out and make an impact, and that's exactly what the Israeli company Super-Pharm did for their line of M6 razor blades. Instead of trying to convince you that a tight clean shave will somehow get your face stroked lovingly by supermodels, they opted for a realistic approach: showing Amit (a.k.a. "Mook"), a 44-year-old Israeli husband and father who had been sporting his beard for over 14 years taking his first shave.

Amit is understandably scared. As the ad's creators discovered from the abundance of comments and feedback they got, a beard is a powerful thing for many men. It's almost like a security blanket on your face and guys take pride in the masculinity that a healthy beard can convey, and Amit even says he feels like he'll lose some of his confidence and authority. Thankfully though, he's a pretty handsome guy underneath the beard and actually ends up looking 10 years younger. His family's reactions to his new face are priceless - his father doesn't even recognize him at first and his daughter says he looks like "a new daddy." I don't know about you, but this genuinely heartfelt ad nearly moved me to tears - really, really manly tears.
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