Home Remedies For Corns And Calluses

Summer is barefoot season. It's a time for bright nail polish and feeling the wind against your toes.

Unfortunately, it's also a time where many people become acutely aware of their flaws.

It's normal to develop rough patches on your feet. You've been on them your whole life, after all.

Calluses aren't visually pleasing, but usually cause no pain. Corns, however, are rounded off calluses that can hurt when under pressure.

Do you suffer from any skin issues on your feet? No need to worry. There are some easy, cheap, and natural remedies that you can make right at home.

These remedies will work anywhere there is a corn or callus. Read below to get your feet in tip top condition for summer!


What's A Callus?


A callus is a rough patch of skin that's a few millimeters thick. They form due to constant friction or pressure on the area.

There are lots of ways you can get calluses. A roofer, for instance, might get calluses on his hands from repeated use of a hammer. You can easily get calluses from simply walking too. 

They might not look nice, but they won't hurt you and they usually don't hurt.

What Is A Corn?

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A corn is another type of callus that is rounded. It's usually hard and develops where the skin is thinnest, like on knuckles. 

The cause of corns is the same as calluses, repeated friction or pressure. 

Unfortunately, corns are usually painful due to their shape. 

If you have either of these skin issues, what can be done?

1. Apple Cider Vinegar And Castor Oil


Put 1 cup of apple cider vinegar into a large bowl or bucket and add hot, soapy water. Soak your feet every day for about 10 days. After each soak, use a pumice stone to help remove some of the tissue, 

If you're dealing with corns, run a tiny bit of castor oil on each one after soaking.

When working with a file, go easy. If you rub too hard you might make things worse!

2. Vitamin E And Vitamin A


You can use either vitamin as a topical cream to treat corns and calluses. Just break open the capsules.

Rub the gel from the inside of the capsule on the affected areas and then put some socks on before bed.

Repeat until the issues are gone.

3. Lemon Peel


Cut a lemon peel to the size of the toe with the corn. 

With the skin side facing away from the skin wrap the lemon against the corn with a bandage. Pop on a sock to make sure everything stays in place. 

Leave it on overnight and repeat every night until the corn is gone.


4. Onion And White Vinegar


Soak a piece of onion in white vinegar. Then, bandage it to your foot and keep it on until morning.

This one works just like the lemon peel, although the smell is a little different!

5. Bread And Apple Cider Vinegar


Soak half a slice of bread in apple cider vinegar. Then secure it to your foot. This is great for healing larger areas.

Use some plastic wrap so that the vinegar doesn't leak through the sock.

By morning, the callus will be softened and ready to file.

6. Castor Oil


This remedy can be used during the day. Just use it under socks. 

Put a corn pad around a corn and apply a little bit of castor oil to the pad. Cover with tape to keep everything from shifting. 

The oil might leak so wear old socks!

7. Aspirin


Crush about five aspirin pills and mix in equal parts water and apple cider vinegar.

You'll get a paste that you can rub on the corn or callus. Use a bandage to help it stay put.

Leave it on for 10 minutes, then go at the callus or corn with a pumice stone. Remember, be gentle!

8. Epson Salts


If time isn't an issue, this home remedy is a winner.

Put Epsom salts in a large bowl or bucket with warm water, the soak your feet for 10 minutes.

The skin will soften and you can gently file it down. Do this every day until the callus is gone.

It may take more time, but it's relaxing!

Give your feet some love with one of these home remedies and be sure to SHARE this with someone who is on their feet a lot!

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