Homecoming King Nominees Make Secret Pact To Crown An Unlikely Classmate

Feb 13, 2016 By Archit Tripathi

For most teenagers across the country, homecoming is an important rite of passage. For those who may not be familiar with this predominantly American tradition, homecoming is an event that usually serves to welcome back alumni of the school. It's usually held in mid-late fall and generally revolves around a central event such as a banquet along with a sporting event (often either football or basketball). Additionally, there may be a parade and/or some other events allowing current students and alumni to interact with one another. 

One of the most important parts of homecoming to many high school students, however, is the opportunity to win the coveted title of Homecoming King/Queen. Every school holds nominations for the homecoming court, usually one boy and one girl (though some schools have added additional positions like Duke/Duchess), and then the student body selects their King and Queen via a secret ballot. In most cases, it's yet another trophy for the popular/athletic kids to add to their mantles, but in 2013, three kids decided to do something extraordinary.

At Community High School in Unionville, Tennessee, seniors Zeke Grissom, Drew Gibbs and Jesse Cooper were all nominated for the honor of Homecoming King. Secretly, however, the boys made a pact - if any of them won, they would hand over the crown to their mutual friend, Scotty Maloney. Maloney was born with neurodevelopmental disorder that makes it hard for him to learn like normal people, but makes him very friendly and outgoing. The three teens greatly valued his ability to bring smiles to all their classmates, so the decision to give him the crown was an easy one.

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