Homemade Doggy Wheelchairs Give Disabled Dogs A Chance To Run Again

Mar 10, 2015
After his dog, Mica, suffered a spinal injury in 2010, Dragan Dimitrijevic made her a wheelchair from spare parts. He used small wheels, plastic pipes and old belts to construct her wheelchair and Mica could not have been happier. Able to again play at the park with her dog friends and take walks with Dimitrijevic, Mica was acting like her old self in no time.

Word of the wheelchair spread across the region and before long, Dimitrijevic was receiving orders from all over Serbia, as well as other Balkan countries. The computer programmer has since made 80 wheelchairs for pets in need and states that he has a "soft heart for dogs." It makes him happy to see the dogs able to do most of the things a normal dog can do. Dimitrijevic shares that each wheelchair is developed after consultation with the veterinarian and then completed to meet each animal's specific needs.
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