Hotels Are Donating Their Half-Used Soap For A Unique Purpose

Apr 13, 2015
In the developed world, it is all too easy to overlook the struggles of those in less developed countries, or even in our own country. We often see advertisements, whether on television or online, that tell us that we can help those less fortunate with only a few dollars a month. But what if all we needed to do to help those struggling not just to live comfortably, but to live at all, was look next to our bathroom sinks?

This is the idea behind Clean The World, a Florida-based non-profit organization that recycles used bars of soap from hotels. Over 4,000 hotels donate their used soap to Clean The World to be sterilized, reshaped and distributed to those in need. The idea might be simple, but it has helped combat potentially deadly diseases that can be prevented by something as simple as proper hand washing.
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