How Hip-Hop Music Can Teach Us Figurative Language

Dec 28, 2014
Flocabulary is a teaching tool that is sweeping the nation. The website,, offers typical school content in the form of hip-hop music. Two things are now known about learning. One, the content must be engaging or enticing to the learner and hip-hop is currently the favorite style for school age kids. Two, it is also known that vocabulary is the top predictor of success any standardized test in the world.

In other words, the more words someone knows, the better they will perform in school. So, educational hip-hop featuring new content vocabulary is where it is at for teachers.

This video, one of the many thousand on the site, features figurative language. And although this might not be music to an adult's ears, it is amazing how quickly children can pick up on the new content after hearing the song only once or twice. Who knows, this may be a new way for you to learn as well.
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