How One Man Turned His Passion For Sneakers Into A $750,000 Collection

Sep 20, 2015 By Jake Brannon
Shoes do a lot more than protect our feet. They dress us up on formal occasions, give us an extra inch or two and express our own personal style. For some, shoes can also be a sign of status. Mark 'Mayor' Farese explains how sneakers were everything when he was a kid. After being made fun of for his sub-par shoes, he realized you were a nobody if you didn't have the coolest pair of kicks.

Vowing to always look fresh from that day on, Mayor now owns a $750,000 sneaker collection consisting of over 3,000 pairs. He could wear a different pair every day for the next eight years. While we may not all share Mayor's passion for sneakers, his dedication shows us how we can turn our hobbies into valuable passions.
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