How The Internet Showed This Principal That She Was Important To Her School

Mar 2, 2015
Brownsville, Brooklyn is the poorest neighborhood in New York City, but that doesn't mean the kids who live there don't deserve a good education. In 2010, Nadia Lopez founded Mott Hall Bridges Academy, a public middle school. Sadly, she didn't believe that she'd lived up to her own expectations of stabilizing education in the community, so Lopez planned to quit her job as principal in early 2015. However, before she was able to do this, one student caught national attention and completely changed her attitude.

Many people impact a child's life, but Vidal Chastanet, an eighth-grader who was featured on the Humans of New York photo blog, recognized Lopez as one of his major influences. After catching sight of his interview, which quickly went viral, Lopez rethought her decision and realized just how important of a role she plays in her community.
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