How To Draw Mickey Mouse

Aug 28, 2015 By John-Michael Bond
Here's a fun fact, the Mickey Mouse we know and love today isn't the original design. The modern version of Mickey we've grown up with is actually based on a redesign by animator Fred Moore, made for the 1938 film Fantasia. So when Disney wanted to recreate their original Mickey Mouse design for the 2013 short Get A Horse they had to reach back in time, to 1928 to be exact.

The differences between the two designs are subtle but deep. Mickey was originally slightly bowlegged, and minor details like how big his mouth is or the way his hands are shaped showcase the way the character has become more humanized over time. The original Mickey is perfect for a funny short cartoon, but the redesign is much more expressive, allowing him to show a wider range of emotions when faced with complicated problems, like accidentally bringing to life a Sorcerer's broom. This is a fascinating look at the way animation and the characters we love evolve over time.
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