How To Lose $40 In Less Than A Minute.

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Counterfeit currency was invented about five minutes after actual currency. When the Greeks began to make coins of standard weight in gold and silver, counterfeiters immediately began making copper fakes with thin gold and silver plating. When the Chinese developed paper money, they needed to station guards in the mulberry forests where the wood pulp was sourced.

There are many types of counterfeiting and many anti-counterfeiting measures within money. Some operations produce nearly undetectable fakes on a large scale. Others, like the one discovered by this Vietnamese woman, are not so sophisticated but just as successful. American currency is valuable to many people around the world, but unfortunately many people around the world are not familiar enough with American money or history to know the difference between Ulysses S. Grant and Alexander Hamilton. With a few clever cover-ups, this bill quintupled in value at the expense of the recipient. Starting with real money also foils other fake money countermeasures.

Be careful with your currency, especially when traveling.