"I Love Lucy's" Classic Pregnancy Announcement.

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Few names carry more weight in the world of television than "Lucy." Lucille Ball, Desi Arnaz and the entire crew behind I Love Lucy, made TV history with their sitcom about Lucy and Ricky Ricardo, a young couple in New York City trying to make it in showbusiness. While Ricky was a successful singer and bandleader, Lucy was always ruining her chances of a life in showbiz in utterly hilarious ways. Lucille Ball was a master of physical comedy, and her weekly antics continue to steal the hearts of viewers to this day.

Ball and Arnaz were actually married offscreen as well, which explains why their onscreen chemistry felt so authentic. They eloped together in 1940, and Lucille became pregnant with their first child while they were filming the first season of I Love Lucy in 1951. The network didn't think it'd be appropriate to acknowledge Lucille's pregnancy in any way, so they continued filming despite the fact that she was showing.

If you were alive during the 1950s or '60s, you'll remember that pregnancy used to be a pretty taboo subject. After all, Lucy and Ricky still slept in separate beds. But when Lucille became pregnant with their second child in 1952, they decided to incorporate it into the show. Since they still weren't allowed to say that Lucy was "pregnant" on TV, Ball and Arnaz came up with a way to get around it while still saying what they wanted to say. Check out the classic clip below to see just how Lucy told America that she was having a baby.