If You Think Solving A Rubik's Cube Is Hard, Try Doing It While Spinning On Your Head

Mar 23, 2015
Justin Stomp, a.k.a. BboyLilJusty is a 14-year-old breakdancer (hence "B-boy") from the Netherlands. Along with breakdancing, he's also a speedcuber, which means he likes to challenge himself by solving Rubik's Cubes (and other similar twisty puzzles) as quickly as possible. Naturally, he decided to combine his two passions.

When he's not making videos that make the minds of ordinary humans explode, Justin likes to breakdance on a competitive level and is, unsurprisingly, a big-name up-and-comer in that world. At just 14, he's got the look, the moves and the brains, so we're definitely thinking he's got big things in his future.
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