If You've Never Heard Of "Poi," You'll Want To Know More After Seeing This

Jul 11, 2015 By Archit Tripathi
While many people surely had some awesome celebrations for the 4th of July weekend, I doubt very many had someone spinning poi balls with fireworks attached to them. Poi originates from New Zealand where it was developed by the Maori as part of traditional performances. Traditional poi are usually made from local flax and plant fibers and consist of a pair of tethered weights which are swung and spun around in different aerial patterns by the performer.

Today, poi has become popular far outside of New Zealand. It is very popular among street and circus performers, as well as a growing number of enthusiasts worldwide. Modern poi are usually made of various plastics and metals, depending on the intended usage. Fire poi, for instance, employ a lot of Kevlar in its design to remain fireproof. Other varieties may have LED lights or glowsticks embedded in them. In this video, a man attached some sparklers to his poi to give people at a party a true 4th of July fireworks spectacle.
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