Ikea Imagines The Sci-Fi Kitchen Table Of The Future

Sep 28, 2015 By John-Michael Bond

The introduction of the Internet revolutionized the home cooking experience. Everyone, no matter what skill level, can now find basic step by step instructions that will allow them to cook a full meal if they can commit the time and energy. Ikea is looking towards the future for the next great kitchen innovation, and this concept for a “smart table” has all the makings of a big leap forward. 

Utilizing light, a smart camera, and pressure sensors within the table itself, the device/eating surface aims to be your all in one kitchen experience. The camera recognizes the ingredients you put on the surface while the pressure sensors use weight to help you make precise measurements when filling cups of ingredients. This information is then projected onto the table’s surface via a smart light projector that tracks your hand movements. 

While this concept is still many years off from being a reality, it’s interesting to see where the technologies today are being reimagined into the household helpers of tomorrow. Ikea says this is a concept for a table in 2025. If that’s the case, the future can’t come soon enough. 

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