Implanted Technology Is Changing The Day-To-Day Tasks Of These Office Workers

Mar 3, 2015
Employees at a high-tech office center in Stockholm, Sweden no longer need to worry if they have misplaced their work keys, or accidentally left their identification lanyard on their desk. All they need to get back into the Epicenter office complex is their hand.

Over 700 employees have been offered a new form of identification called radio-frequency identification (RFID), which is a microchip that is around 12 mm long and is embedded just under the employee's skin using a syringe. Not only a form of identification, the chips can also communicate with surrounding objects to do things like open doors, send a document to a secure printer, or even communicate with a mobile phone to share a business card with a colleague.

Although not all of those offered have chosen to partake, this might just be the next step into a new phase of human-machine convergence.
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