In Memory Of Natalie Cole.

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Acclaimed singer Natalie Cole has passed away at the age of 65 from congestive heart failure. The daughter of the great Nat King Cole, Natalie brought us some of the 20th century's biggest hits including "This Will Be" and "Our Love." While she struggled with drug addiction following her explosive popularity in the ‘70s, Cole overcame those obstacles and proved that she could still produce songs that leave us speechless.

In honor of her legacy, we bring you this clip from 2011 in which Natalie Cole sings a duet with her late father. This version of the song comes from her 1991 album Unforgettable... with Love. "Unforgettable" was originally recorded by her father in 1951, and people haven't stopped listening to its piercing melody and thoughtful lyrics ever since. Her performance is a beautiful illustration of the bond between two greats, father and daughter, who forever changed music.