Incredible Footage Of A Pod Of Dolphins Off South Africa's Coast

Jun 25, 2015 By Mary Madsen
Seeing dolphins frolic like this is a truly magical sight. For visitors to Robben Island (the location of this video), fascinating experiences abound.

When the Dutch arrived on the island in the 1652, they began to use the land for isolating political prisoners. A whaling station was briefly opened at the beginning of the 19th century, but by 1845, a leper colony called Robben island home. The island was fortified in WWII and then used for housing political prisoners (most famously Nelson Mandela) and criminals after 1961. Today, the island is a popular tourist destination and has been declared a World Heritage site. The lighthouse, Moturu Kramat (a sacred site for Muslim pilgrimage) and the animal life are all part of its attraction.
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