Incredible Footage Of A Tornado That Ripped Through Illinois.

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Dangerous storms hit rural northern Illinois hard on Thursday night. At least one tornado was confirmed, as is evident in the video. The Illinois towns of Fairdale, Rochelle and Kirkland sustained much damage, leaving authorities to name both Dekalb and Ogle counties state disaster areas. There were two confirmed fatalities and several injured in the storm.

The first of the three towns, Fairdale, was the only to experience fatalities. Of the approximately 80 homes in the town, 17 were completely destroyed and roughly every structure was damaged. In Rochelle, Grubsteakers restaurant sustained heavy damage as the tornado came through. The owners, employees and patrons of the restaurant were trapped in the basement for nearly 90 minutes, but no one was severely injured.

In Rochelle, at least 30 homes were destroyed and nearly 50 sustained significant damage. In nearby Kirkland, debris was so heavy that first responders were having difficulty getting to the scene.