Insane Japanese Meal Kit Makes A Burger, Fries, And Soda From Powder

Sep 7, 2015 By John-Michael Bond
Japan has one of the most open-minded and experimental food cultures on the planet. From salmon-flavored candy to eating live animals there is no frontier of culinary life Japan hasn't explored. Such open-mindedness sometimes leads to incredible finds, like this odd burger, fries, and cola snack kit. Both playful and functional, this kit builds a mini-fast food combo meal from just a handful of powder packets, a microwave, and some included cooking gear.

According to the video's maker, the meal features no artificial colors or preservatives and clocks in at around 96 calories. If you're interested in trying out these adorable little burgers for yourself, they can be ordered online. We won't vouch for their flavor, but part of being a food explorer is sometimes taking risks. Either way, whether you order or just enjoy this video, snacking in Japan looks way more fun than here in the states.
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