It Takes Some Serious Skill To Fit 3 Sets Of Hands On Just 1 Guitar

May 16, 2015 By Archit Tripathi
They say two hands are better than one, but how about three sets of hands on a single guitar? A guitar, being an instrument that's pretty much designed for a single user, is difficult enough to play when adding just one extra person to it - but these girls from the Philippines have managed to get a full trio playing simultaneously on one guitar. To top it all off, their happy song is the perfect melody for the nice weather we're finally getting.

These talented ladies are actually a trio of female guitarists who call themselves "Triple Fret." Members Jenny de Vera, Iqui Vinculado and Marga Abejo are all the products of the finest music conservatories in the Philippines, and they formed the group in 2011. They have since gone on to win multiple awards and competitions, as well as the hearts of fans all over the world (they had a hugely successful tour of Europe last year). Triple Fret describe themselves as having an "extensive repertoire of Spanish guitar pieces, tangos, jazz standards, Filipino traditional, love songs and well-loved classical pieces, all infused with a style uniquely their own."
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