It Took 384 Hours, But This Lego Project Was Totally Worth It

Aug 7, 2015 By Houston Barber
Many people know about the huge amount of time and money that went into making the 'Titanic' film in 1997, but few know that the effort is certainly rivaled by the making of 'Titanic' the Lego. And with the amount of money Legos cost these days, they probably were about equally as expensive to make.

Built over the course of 16 full days and using over 30,000 bricks, the Lego Titanic is a very impressive model of the infamous ship. Measuring at just under 10ft long, the ship has many inspired many Lego users to request the company to sell Titanic Lego kits where all the building materials and instructions are included. The Lego team has responded and are currently reviewing the possibility, which means a ten foot Lego Titanic in your living room could be in your near future.
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