It's Just Another Day At Bryant Park Until The Groundskeepers Turn Into Acrobats

Jun 1, 2015 By Archit Tripathi
Improv Everywhere has become pretty famous over the last few years for being one of the pioneers of flash mobs and other spontaneous acts of coordinated randomness in large public spaces. They recently teamed up with YouTube's new "Field Day" channel, which showcases a different creator every week, to put together this spontaneous acrobatics and tumbling performance for people enjoying a nice day at New York City's Bryant Park.

Improv Everywhere worked in collaboration with Bryant Park administrators to stage this performance right before the opening of the lawn for the season. Just before the ropes were taken down, the groundskeepers turned into acrobats. The new lawn is now officially open to the public, and it shouldn't be long before those groundskeepers find themselves pretty busy.
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