Japan Contemplates Installing Toilets On Elevators In Case Of Emergencies

Jun 10, 2015 By Houston Barber
After a string of devastating earthquakes over the last few years, the Japanese government is working hard to minimize the damage of any future incidents. With the help of the Japan Elevator Association, an organization put together after a 1992 earthquake that left thousands stranded, the city of Tokyo is exploring the idea of putting toilets and water facilities in elevators throughout Japan's major cities.

Japan sits right on the edge of a large tectonic plate boundary and has had to deal with frequent earthquakes throughout its history. The country has tried many solutions to fix the problem of elevators breaking down during earthquakes, but the problem still persists, with an estimated 19,000 elevators failing to work during the most recent quake in May. The Japanese government doesn't believe that adding these emergency amenities will fix the problem of elevators getting stuck, but they can at least make life easier for those who are temporarily trapped.
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