Jimmy Fallon Plays "Catchphrase" With Jim Parson, Miles Teller And Wiz Khalifa

Mar 19, 2015
On Monday night's "The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon," Fallon was up to his regular antics. Always one for fun and competitive banter, Fallon enlisted the "Big Bang Theory" cast member Jim Parson as his partner in a game of Catchphrase. Their opponents were supposed "Insurgents" Miles Teller and Rapper Wiz Khalifa. As Parson and Fallon's opponents are introduced and brought onto the stage, it seems that Khalifa was uncertain and maybe even confused.

However, it was clearly his game face as he and Teller were ready to rumble with the late-night host's team. Catchphrase is played by two teams and a timer is passed from person to person. Each individual is given a word they must describe and get their partner to guess as quickly as possible. Then, the timer is passed. The person holding the timer when it goes off loses that round and the opposing team wins a point.
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